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Seamonster - Two Birds 7"

by Seamonster


Format: 7-inch colored vinyl (opaque white)
Run: 600
Cover Design: Todd Webb
Release Date: March 2, 2010
Labels: Gold Robot Records (USA), Royal Rhino Flying Records (USA), and Martyrs of Pop (France)

This mini-album collects songs written and recorded by Adrian Todd Webb and friends in various tucked-away locales across Virginia over the course of three years. “Oh Appalachia,” is a fuzzed out surrealist poem against a backdrop of carnival noise and radio static echoing from the mountains, while “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol” is a gentle electro-pop call to calm based on journal entries of iconic artist Andy Warhol. Instrumental opener “New England” was recorded in a friend’s upstairs sewing room, “Bearsuit” when Webb lived in a laundry room in the slums, while “Annalee,” in which Webb’s vocals glide across churning beds of electro-folk psychedelia, was tracked in a haunted suburban bedroom not far from a giant trampoline. (MORE)