Ladada - Hi Five 12"

by Ladada
$5.00 / On Sale

Format: 12" Colored Vinyl + download card
Run: 500 (Translucent Coke Bottle Green Vinyl)
Release Date: April 1, 2016

The new Ladada EP, which is accompanied by the self-titled debut EP on the b-side of the 12"! More info here.

"Ladada is one of two projects from Virginia Beach musician Josiah Schlater. He is a very versatile artist, hence the two projects, but perhaps more of a testament to his variability is the disparity in sound from Ladada’s self-titled debut and the upcoming Hi Five EP. Ladada was more subdued and introspective, leaning toward surf vibes with a bit of rebellious flair. The Hi Five EP is more fun and rambunctious. The lead single from the EP, “New Psych,” is aptly named as it veers toward proto-punk-leaning shoegaze and quick rolling drum transitions. He wastes no time with a high-energy guitar that smacks the listener immediately, and a frenetic drum pattern that keeps up the punishment until the vocals come in for a bit of a reprieve. But the energy only slightly calms as the song moves on, keeping a quick pace switching between sections only dialing back for the wet vocals to take command." - Stereogum