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Bamm Bamm - S/T Cassette

by Bamm Bamm and Ladada


Format: Cassette Tape (Clear)
Release Date: June 24, 2022

Bamm Bamm is Josiah Schlater (Guitar/Vocals), Josh McHugh (Drums), and Robert Smith (Bass). They have been friends since the mid 2000s when Josiah and Robert played in a band called Tokyo and Josh was in a band called Fox Trot Rio. These 2 bands played many shows together, touring regionally in college towns across Virginia circa 2004-2008. When the 2 bands eventually dissolved, it was a no brainer for the 3 musicians to be in a new band together. Practicing and playing shows here and there between 2012 and now (and self-releasing a few demos on their Bandcamp page), Bamm Bamm wrote and recorded a new set of songs from 2020-2021. These songs are the 4 that appear on this self-titled debut: Bamm Bamm.